Weekly Photo Challenge: Textures

In a shop window in Rotterdam, I saw these textures of wool and textile.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Mirror

This photo was taken in the Royal Gardens in The Hague, which you can enter going through the regular entrance, but also through an alley, when you get to a door, ring the bell, and the door will then be opened. Lucky neighbours looking out over the garden. More responses to this challenge can be found here.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Opposites

This challenge gave me the opportunity to show this photo with opposite sides of a street for one-way traffic in the heart of The Hague. Even though it is a one-way street, bicycles are allowed in from both sides, and they are neatly parked on the right in one direction and on the left in the other. For this photo I tried out NIK Color Efex Pro 4 with the assistance of Zoom.nl Editie 06/07 – 2015 (in Dutch I am afraid). More responses to this challenge can be found here.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Circle

In response to this week’s photo challenge I am posting a clock above the Tourneau shop on 57th Street, a combination of two photos taken on Fifth Avenue and in Central Park and the sign for the button shop in East 62nd Street.


IMG_0540-Edit_edited-1 copy

The photo above was a try-out, some years ago, thanks to Leanne Cole‘s instructions. In Lightroom I made a circle of the skyline on both sides of East River.

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