The B&W Wheels go Round and Round

Responding to Cee’s Black & White Challenge, which I haven’t done, it seems, since 2018! But never too late to start again, and now is the perfect time, with social distancing and staying at home. Stay safe and healthy everyone, across the globe!


This photo was taken in Virginia, Rappahannock


And this photo was taken in New York, practicing panning.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Waiting

On 21 August this year I was in New York and could go to Central Park to see the eclipse. I did not have a pair of special glasses, so I concentrated on other people who were also watching. It seems a little alienating, all of us looking up in the sky. Luckily we saw something, it was not all covered by clouds and worth the wait! For more responses to this challenge, have a look here.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Circle

In response to this week’s photo challenge I am posting a clock above the Tourneau shop on 57th Street, a combination of two photos taken on Fifth Avenue and in Central Park and the sign for the button shop in East 62nd Street.


IMG_0540-Edit_edited-1 copy

The photo above was a try-out, some years ago, thanks to Leanne Cole‘s instructions. In Lightroom I made a circle of the skyline on both sides of East River.

Here are more responses to the challenge.