Weekly Photo Challenge: Mirror

This photo was taken in the Royal Gardens in The Hague, which you can enter going through the regular entrance, but also through an alley, when you get to a door, ring the bell, and the door will then be opened. Lucky neighbours looking out over the garden. More responses to this challenge can be found here.


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11 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Mirror

  1. dawnkinster says:

    Very creative! Love it!

  2. nice2beme says:

    Great image. You know what I’ve noticed on it? There are two seasons… Winter in the puddle with it’s grey cold colours and summer on the bottom of the picture with bright and warm colours.

  3. The world not only seen in the water mirror but also upside down πŸ™‚

  4. uncocalkoen says:

    A little late, but I like the shot and the presentation!

  5. lexklein says:

    I had to keep studying this for a few minutes to figure it out! Very cool image – I love it!

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