Weekly Photo Challenge: Opposites

This challenge gave me the opportunity to show this photo with opposite sides of a street for one-way traffic in the heart of The Hague. Even though it is a one-way street, bicycles are allowed in from both sides, and they are neatly parked on the right in one direction and on the left in the other. For this photo I tried out NIK Color Efex Pro 4 with the assistance of Zoom.nl Editie 06/07 – 2015 (in Dutch I am afraid). More responses to this challenge can be found here.


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18 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Opposites

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  4. Unco Calkoen says:

    Anton Pieck effect! Ik moet nog maar eens naar de NIK-software kijken…

  5. Mooie effecten! Is dit een straatje in Amsterdam?

  6. Arati says:

    I like the texture and patterns in the bricks and cobblestones.
    I find the pedestrians walking in opposite directions supports the theme as well as adding movement to this ‘still life’. Wonderful composition and perspective.
    And I love the highlights of color in the umbrellas and on the bikes

  7. theurbanblender says:

    Amsterdam is amazing….so modern in its outlook to life yet so established in the beautiful canal houses and history. It is also clean and has great restaurants and sight seeing. I love your photograph. I can feel the atmosphere and the bicycles are Amsterdam.

  8. theurbanblender says:

    A Nobel idea on opposites…love it.

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