Weekly Photo Challenge: Opposites

This challenge gave me the opportunity to show this photo with opposite sides of a street for one-way traffic in the heart of The Hague. Even though it is a one-way street, bicycles are allowed in from both sides, and they are neatly parked on the right in one direction and on the left in the other. For this photo I tried out NIK Color Efex Pro 4 with the assistance of Zoom.nl Editie 06/07 – 2015 (in Dutch I am afraid). More responses to this challenge can be found here.



18 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Opposites

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  4. I like the texture and patterns in the bricks and cobblestones.
    I find the pedestrians walking in opposite directions supports the theme as well as adding movement to this ‘still life’. Wonderful composition and perspective.
    And I love the highlights of color in the umbrellas and on the bikes

  5. Amsterdam is amazing….so modern in its outlook to life yet so established in the beautiful canal houses and history. It is also clean and has great restaurants and sight seeing. I love your photograph. I can feel the atmosphere and the bicycles are Amsterdam.

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