Monthly Photo Challenge: The Changing Seasons 12

While the month of December is mostly known for its holidays, it is also my birthday month and in 2015 it meant for me that my last day in the office was 31 December and my retirement was celebrated. So this gallery includes a photo of my office with balloons. All other photos picture New York in a festive mood! We reminisced, because restaurants open and close and one favorite had been closed for some time now, so chances are it may not reopen. A very pretty Christmas tree can be found in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, another one in the American Museum of Natural History. Even the food carts are decorated.

More responses to this challenge can be found here!


8 thoughts on “Monthly Photo Challenge: The Changing Seasons 12

  1. Lots of lovely night time photography here and I love the movement you have captured in some of them. Happy retirement! Hope you have lots of plans, or maybe not. I fell into semi-retirement almost by accident and found it a huge relief to be able to do what I wanted when I wanted 😀

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